Xochicalco University is a private and non-profit institucional in Mexico and in the United States, with over 40 years of experience in higher education.


  To prepare medical doctors with a contemporary foundation in medical education, focusing on the social medic, scientific and ecological knowledge with a humane attitude. Our goal is to develop our students into successful doctors in the medical community, that contribute a positive impact in the world.


  Xochicalco University has been chartered by the government of the State of Baja California in Mexico, and is registered by the Federal Ministry of Education in Mexico and comissioned to issue titles and degrees at professional level.

  Xochicalco University has been accredited by the Mexican Counsel for the Accreditation for Medical Education (COMAEM) and by the Association of Mexican Faculties and Schools of Medicine (AMFEM).

   Xochicalco University is listed in the world Directory of Medical Schools, Published by the World Health Organization, and in the international Medical Education Directory, published by the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research.


  Xochicalco University has international agreements with health institutions abroad, and in Mexico, and international collaboration agreements with distinguished Award Star Grade Hospitals in the United States and California. Xochicalco University also has an academic collaboration agreement with the University of California Reverside and the California State University of Frenso (CSUF).


 In Baja California, students enjoy a multicultural enviroment. our student community is very diverse, including students from: United States of America, Puerto Rico, Panama, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador and other countries.


 Xochicalco University School of Medicne's faculty are highly achieved medical educators who are experienced in mentoring international medical students throughout all their phases of education and clinical training.
 For more than four decades, Xochicalco university has been educating generations of professionals that are working in Mexico, the United States, and worldwide. Our Graduates have received national and international awards for their professional achievements.
 Xochicalco University offers you programs of excellent academic quality where students become vastly competitive professional individuals capable of exceeding job market expectations. Xochicalco University encourages students to reach the highest standards of international excellence.


  • - International access loan program from University of San Diego (UCSD), San Diego State University (SDSU) Libraries.
  • - Career Development: We help students and graduates to become incorporated in their work field.
  • - Student Affairs: Academic, vocational, tutoring, and personal oriantation to guide students in their careers.
  • - Lenguaje Center: Learn a new language and culture: Spanish, Italian, French and Japanese.
  • - Academic Events: When you want to Expand your knowledge joining academic symposium, expositions, and conferences scheduled yearly.
  • - Athletic & Recreational Activities: Soccer, indoor soccer, flag football, judo, taekwondo, basketball and others.
  • - Cultural Activities: We offer a variety of cultural events, festivites, concerts, poetry nights, arts, etc
  • - In-Campus housing.


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